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In 2002 Shakhrisabz celebrated its 2700 th birthday under the aegis of UNESCO. In the early Middle Ages the town was called Kesh

In the early Middle Ages the town was called Kesh. Earlier, in the classical times, it was known as Susse or Nautaka.

The town was first built on one of the banks of the Kaynarsay, a tributary of the Kahkadarya River , at the place of the ruined settlement Uzunkyr, which had had a strong fortification wall and a citadel. Later it was rebuilt at the place of today's Kitab, and only in the 9 th –10 th centuries they built it where today's Shakhrisabz stands. It retained its name Kesh. But the nickname Shakrisabz, which means “A Green Town”, was also used in those times, and it is now the official name of the town.

The end of the 14 th – 15 th centuries were the heyday of Shakhrisabz thanks to Tamerlane, who had been born near it. It was here where he began his career as a political and military leader. Later Tamerlane's grandson Ulughbek took a great care of Shakhrisabz as well. In those times there was built a number of grand structures, among which stand out Ok-Serai Palace , the ensembles Dor-ut-Tillavat and Dorus-Siadat, the mosques of Khazret-Imam, Ulughbek, Kok-Gumbaz, the mausoleums of Taragay, Jakhangaer, Omar-Sheikh, Shamsiddin Kulol.