Golden East Travel

Golden East Travel is a fast growing Uzbekistan 's travel agency whose team of professionals organizes excursions, tours and expeditions with concentration on archeology, architecture, folklore, adventure sports, and environment not only in Uzbekistan but also in other post-Soviet Central Asian countries. Golden East Travel† has set the lowest prices for the best high-quality services! The moment you have your holiday organized by Golden East Travel, you will be pleasantly surprised at an immediate experience of genuine Oriental hospitality; you will be pleasantly surprised at our professionalism and care, since we always try to foresee your wishes and to have them fulfilled; you will be pleasantly surprised at our ability of making you experience sheer bliss of being in the romantic atmosphere similar to that of У1001 NightsФ.

With us you can - make a journey to Silk Road cities and towns, which are full of antique and medieval architectural monuments, looking especially beautiful and mysterious at sunset and dawn, where you might feel a spiritual bond with your distant ancestors who centuries ago were here and contributed a lot to the local culture and architecture; listen to charming Central Asian traditional melodies,; familiarize yourselves with the unique collections of artifacts, traditional local arts and crafts, and modern works of art post-Soviet Asian museums and galleries are so rich in; visit the picturesque Central Asian countryside, do shopping at the colorful Oriental bazaarsЕ

Let us make you believe we are one of the best professional teams of Central Asian travel industry!